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Etext from the Gutenberg Project text. Formatted by r0k

Note: (6/30/2020) New Server, slight formatting changes.

Note: (1/20/2006) Due to a significant memory leak issue in apache, the format of the letter pages has temporarily changed.

New! (as of June 2005) Now available in three formats: HTML, plain text, and PalmOS Plucker pdb files

This fits nicely on any palm SD card and provides an unabridged dictionary you can carry around with you. You will need plucker to read the pdb files. I do not recommend using the single A-Z file for two reasons. 1) it will take a long time for plucker to load and search. 2) it will return words within definitions rather than the word you happen to be looking for.

To use the dictionary, launch the letter you are looking for in Plucker and tap search. By searching for capitalized words, you reduce the likelihood of false hits.

Looking for a good FREE dictionary program for PalmOS? Noahpro is now freeware, available at noahpro.org They also offer a free Thesaurus. I have them on my Treo 650, taking up just over 6 meg of my SD card for about 122 thousand words and find them very useful.

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New: Letter a-z files in plucker format: a-z.zip in one download.

Letter.htm.txtPalmOS .pdb
a (html),  (text),  (plucker)
b (html),  (text),  (plucker)
c (html),  (text),  (plucker)
d (html),  (text),  (plucker)
e (html),  (text),  (plucker)
f (html),  (text),  (plucker)
g (html),  (text),  (plucker)
h (html),  (text),  (plucker)
i (html),  (text),  (plucker)
j (html),  (text),  (plucker)
k (html),  (text),  (plucker)
l (html),  (text),  (plucker)
m (html),  (text),  (plucker)
n (html),  (text),  (plucker)
o (html),  (text),  (plucker)
p (html),  (text),  (plucker)
q (html),  (text),  (plucker)
r (html),  (text),  (plucker)
s (html),  (text),  (plucker)
t (html),  (text),  (plucker)
u (html),  (text),  (plucker)
v (html),  (text),  (plucker)
w (html),  (text),  (plucker)
x (html),  (text),  (plucker)
y (html),  (text),  (plucker)
z (html),  (text),  (plucker)

New: Letter a-z files in plucker format: a-z.zip in one download.