Couch to 5K
After 30 years of intense couch potato activities I've started running again.  My brother in law talked me into running the Big House 5K in Ann Arbor last weekend and it was the first time I'd run since the Susan B Komen Race for the Cure in 2008.  
I not only enjoyed it, I immediately went out and signed up for the Martian 5K in Dearborn.  My time in the Big House 5K was just over 11 minutes a mile. Not bad for an old codger. I ran and mostly walked a practice 5K the night before so I really did 6 K in under 24 hours. I was sore. I was so sore I signed up for a massage at the local gym.  Then I got on the internet and looked up all the symptoms I was having and sure enough they had running techniques to get around each and every one.  I ran and mostly walked 5K this past Tuesday to tune up for yesterday's race and I wasn't one bit sore.  Yesterday I did just over 10 minutes a mile and I was less sore than I was after the Big House 5K.  So I think I can make a place in my life for running these 5K races, roughly 2 a month, as part of my regular fitness regemin.  
The Crowds
The crowds are probably the most fun part. Normally I hate crowds but at the Big House and Martian 5K's everyone was in such a good mood I enjoyed being in that large good-natured crowd.  Everyone knew we were less than 5K from a "runner's high" and we were all looking forward to it.  What a great way to exercise and what a great group of people to do it with.  I'm signed up for the next Komen race in May and a few other local races.  I'll update this page with race stats, running partners and photos but for now I just wanted to let you know I'm running again and loving it!
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