Eagle Cam!

Today I found out about a web cam streaming live video of a mother eagle and her chicks...


Live Streaming by Ustream.TV

How Slavery Really Ended in America: An Interesting NY Times Article

This weekend when I joined my fellow 40 days for life members in prayer, after prayer we had a brief discussion and the topic of emancipation came up. I remember hearing how ambivolent Lincoln was about emancipation but I found an article today that sheds a lot of light on the politics of the time.  General Butler made a snap decision that the article argues ulitmately led to emancipation, despite Lincoln's desire to sidestep the issue.  Read more at nytimes.com.


Another interesting thing mentioned in the aricle was the almost universal fear that freed slaves would rise up and take vengeance.  I think this irrational fear is the undertow of today's racism.  Objectively we can see the effects of slavery, jim crow and modern inequality all around us but it is this irrational fear of vengeance that helps drive modern day segregation.

Ipad 2 - First Thoughts

Ipad 2 was announced the other day and while it has me interested, I think I'll only be buying 2.  I'll be picking up one for each kid but I will be holding on to my "old" one.  I have an iPhone 4 so I already have the cameras. I don't need iMovie or Garage Band so I think I'll do just fine keeping my iPad.  If money were no object, I'd be picking up one for myself but as it is, I think I can use the one I have and get new ones for the kids who have been doing without one long enough.

There has been some press saying Apple found a way to sell us something we do not need.  I must agree to an extent, but I think it is more accurate to say the entire computer industry has been getting away with selling stuff we do not need for years now and Apple has finally come along with an appropriate form factor for a home computer.


Things I like:

The new "cover".  I have Apple's case on my iPad 1 and I trust Apple to come up with a decent cover for iPad 2.  I also like the fact it powers on when you open it.  

Cameras.  This is the one reason I'm tempted to get one for myself.  I would really like facetime from an iPad better than facetime from my iPhone.

Speed.  Faster is always better.  I'm not unhappy with the speed of my iPad but I'd appreciate a faster one nonetheless.

Form Factor. I like the thinner lighter iPad even better than I like my iPad 1.  Well done, Apple.  Well done.

Space Station Completed

NASA just posted a video of the installation of the last US module on the space station.

Motorola Super Bowl Ad

I really enjoyed the Motorola Xoom Super Bowl ad.  Finally a real contender to iPad appears on the horizon.  This is actually good for iPad users because Apple must react by adding goodies like camera, etc to its next gen iPad. Last quarter, Android managed to take a 25% bite out of tablet market share and that was without Android 3.0 so things are bound to get interesting.  Now what did I do with my white hoodie?



Verizon iPhone 4

Well it's official.  Verizon now has the iPhone 4.  Only a few months after I went to At&t. I've waited this long, why not a few more months?  Well At&t lowered their data pricing if I was willing to deal with capped data.  I need to see what pricing VZW will offer before I consider switching back.


Photo courtesy of Engadget live blog of the VZW iPhone event...

1,000 Things

We were very proud of our son last Sunday when he sang with Amazin' Blue.  We really loved hearing his solo for the song "1,000 things". Enjoy...


Chevy Volt Assembly

On Engadget this morning, I noticed a link to a video showing Chevy Volt assembly from start to finish.   Awesome! Enjoy!



Glee Contest - Vote now!

Liz is in the U of D Jesuit Show Choir and they are in 105.1 WMJC's "Glee" contest and are in the top 10 to win $10,000 for the group. Please head over to WMJC's web site, www.detroitmagic.com to vote for them now! Voting requires you to create an account. 



Free Public Wifi (not public, not free and not safe either!)

For years, I've been warning people about the nonexistant wifi network that pops up from time to time called "free public wifi".  It is the result of a bug in Windows XP where Windows automatically starts up an ad hoc network for the most recent ad hoc network it connected to.  I've seen free public wifi at airports and even at work.  Microsoft finally fixed this bug in Windows XP SP 3 but not everyone gets their MS updates.  

NPR has a nice article explaining the history, "The Zombe Network: Beware Free Public Wifi" here...

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