Amazin' Blue

Congratulations to our son, Chris for being selected as the newest member of U of M's a capella group amazin' blue.



Haiti Relief


Please visit for links to ways to support Haiti including donating to the red cross or simply texting "haiti" to 90999 to make a $10 donation using your cell phone.

Jay Leno Chevy Volt Video

I ran across a video where a Chevy Volt made it's way into Jay Leno's garage. He was speaking with Andrew Farah about the Volt and they took it for a drive. It was filmed on my birthday while we were "up north" skiing. Here it is...

B i n g o

Our dog Bingo had a stoke on Christmas Eve.  He is at the vet.  So far, he has improved about 10%, which is unusual for a dog 13+ years old.  We hope he can come home soon.


Dorian's Story

My cousin Dorian was interviewed on 700 club about his battle with cocaine addiction and how God delivered him...

Mom and Liz

Here are Michele and Liz when they got back from Mother Daughter night at Mercy. 


Welcome (again)

[img_assist|nid=4|title=jeff|desc=|link=none|align=right|width=73|height=100]I'm taking another approach to my personal web site. I'm using a content management system called Drupal. Thanks Eric Hausman for converting troop 1024 site to use Drupal. I like the ability to post updates from anywhere any time. I like the ability to grant access to somebody else to take care of this or that for me. It doesn't have the nice style of the "made on a mac" canned site templates that come with iweb, but iweb doesn't know how to speak php and I've gotta be sitting in front of my mac to use it. More and more, I don't want to have to depend on any particular computer or OS for updating things on the web. So I'll start transferring stuff here from and shut the old static html site down when I'm done. While I struggle to bring everything over, you can read the old site at



I decided to go ahead andadd the Made on a Mac logo to my site again. Since I'm hosting this on *nix, the *nix OS that is underneath OS X makes it so much easier to maintain. The main authoring takes place in any ordinary web browser. Some of the graphics and layout I'm using came from iWeb templates. But some of the behind the scenes stuff like installing Drupal modules and setting up automatic search index updates are handled quite nicely in Terminal. I replaced the roopletheme logo and link with Made on a Mac and I need to find a way to give credit where credit is due. The Tapestry drupal theme is very powerful and allowed me to achieve a lot in a very short time.

Wow. It seems like just decided (Nov 19, 09) to start using Drupal... You know what they say about great minds...

Earlier this month, the Executive Office of the President of the United States of America relaunched their website,, using Drupal. This week three members of the White House new media team presented at the Washington, DC Drupal users group. New media director Macon Phillips, deputy director of technology David Cole, and creative director Nik Lo Bue talked about their use of Drupal.

Here's a nice explanation about cats that all engineers can relate to...

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