Farewell Fr. Jim...

In a recent post, I mentioned that I was on retreat this past weekend.  It was there that I found out that the retreat director I'd known for 10 years died last week.  Fr. Jim Thoman was a deeply spiritual man of faith who advised me often and I will miss him. Visitation was yesterday and today and the funeral is tomorrow.

fr jim

It was ugly, put it passed...

This past weekend I went on retreat and took a break from all the tech news, health care news, etc.  But this morning as I was catching up on reading my favorite RSS feeds, I saw an article about some ugly stuff that went on on Saturday.  I was appalled.  While I'm relieved the bill passed, I'm disappointed in how the "other side of the aisle" approached things.  Even this morning, as I listened to John McCain blathering on about how people wanted this thing overturned even after he had promised the same thing in his campaign, I was more disappointed.  I think our political discourse needs conservative input, but right now there sadly just aren't any sane conservatives running around.
I don't want my web site to become regarded as a beacon for either party or any particular cause but I feel strongly about health care.  It turns out that our friend Denise came to church with us this weekend and she explained that because she doesn't have health care she must pay $150 out of her own pocket for orthopedic shoes, inserts ans orthopedic hose.  And she still can't afford the surgery.  Hopefully the passage of this bill means that in a few years' time, she won't have to focus so much attention on how to pay for health care. 
Congrats to Democrats and shame on "The Party of No".  Ok. That's enough politics for a while.

This is it! The House votes on #hcr this weekend. Tell your Rep to vote "yes"! 202-224-3121

Yes, this post title is a tweet...
This is it! The House votes on #hcr this weekend. Call your Rep, tell them to vote "yes"! 202-224-3121
Driving by Beaumont Hospital the other day, I saw about a dozen tea partiers out there protesting health care.  I wonder how many of them were millionaires because those are the only ones that will be able to afford a stay in that very hospital if hcr gets defeated!  I haven't seen people out protesting for hcr so I decided to get more involved via those methods I'm able: email, twitter and my web page.  
Here is an email I sent out earlier today to encourage people to support health care reform...

Rest in Peace IE6

I saw an interesting article over at cnn.com that somebody out in Colorado is throwing a funeral for IE6.  And it's about time.  I took this occasion to switch off IE6 scripting for this site as well.  If you're trying to view this site in IE6, don't take it personally, but please go away and come back with an updated browser!

In all fairness, I should elaborate on why this is being said and why I am taking the time to deal with it here.  MS browsers are notoriously standards non-compliant.  Furthermore, they are a security nightmare and fundamentally allow anybody with a web site to become an administrator on your pc.  A good indication of the health of your browser is to head over to acidtest.org and view acid3.  Most desktop browsers do fairly well while most mobile browsers get tripped up pretty quickly.  For instance, the browser on my Blackberry returns FAIL/FAIL and never makes it to any numerical score.  The browser on my iPod touch scores 100/100.  This means that when I'm trying to look something up on the internet, if I'm in range of wifi, I ignore my BB and use my iPod Touch because I have high confidence in being able to actually get the data I'm going after.

An Islamic Fatwa Against Terror

An Imam has come out with a 600 page Fatwa saying suicide bombers are destined for hell.  Those who wish to use Islam as an excuse for violence and hate have never really had anything to hide behind, but Muhammad Tahir ul-Qadri spelled it out for them in his Fatwa.  I'm reminded of that joke email that was going around after Sept 11 about the real "virgins" that await suicide bombers.  More at CNN.com...


Alien view of Earth

I stumbled across an interesting story over at NPR.  20 years ago, at the urging of Karl Sagan, Voyager's camera was tasked with snapping a photo of earth. More at npr.org.

Who Dat!

The only way the Lions go to the Super Bowl is if they work the concessions so this year we rooted for the New Orleans Saints.  And they won!  Go Saints!  


Today was our second annual Super Bowl Chili Cook Off at church and I won one of the prizes this year for "most original".   I offered two flavors: "Who Dat?" which was spicy but tolerable and "Why Me?" which was 3 times hotter.   I wonder if I'll ever get to root for the Lions?  Yeah right...

Hands On Ipad Review (link)

After all the trash that's been talked in only two days since the iPad was unveiled, I found a nice hands on review that confirms my good impression of the device.   It's over at roughlydrafted...

Lost Generation

Be sure to read along as she recites this palindrome.

A friend passed this youtube video along to me today by email and it is definitely worth sharing...

Star Wars Episode IV - Watch for Free!

What's that?  You ask if there is a catch? 

If you're not willing to pay for an iTablet, have no fear! You can watch Star Wars episode one in a telnet window...

                 And don't let me catch      |oo )                       
                    you following me         _\=/_                       
                    begging for help.    #  /  _  \                      
                                          \/  \_/  ||                    
                                             |\ /| ||                     
                                             \_ _/  #                    
                                             | | |                       
                                             | | |                       
                                             | | |                       

In terminal, enter the following: telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl On windoze, who knows if the terminal emulation will allow you to actually see the ascii animations. But isn't this cheaper than buying a tablet?

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