Another Side of the iPad Story

Over at Macworld, Ben Long wrote an interesting article where he pretty well summed up many of the negatives of the iPad. Let's hope someone from Apple is listening. I've been struggling to find ways to do things like edit documents and transfer files and yes typing is not straightforward either. I lent my iPad to a friend and watched as he tried to type and got aaaaaaaasssssllllllll because he was letting multiple fingers touch the keys. These things aren't a deal killer for me. I like the size and weight of the iPad. But Ben makes some excellent points. Last night at Max and Irma's, our waiter asked about the iPad. I told him it's great as long as you don't try to make it your main computer (yet). Read Ben's article. Read about somebody trying to make their iPad their main computer.

I should also mention what a pain it was to create and edit this article on my iPad. I use Drupal and it comes with a visual editor that the iPad browser simply cannot figure out. I have to switch to the "plain text editor" which means that for URLs I'm typing h t t p : / / and etc etc. And this very article caused me problems with too many colons, not enough slashes, and misspelled HREF. And isn't that the sort of thing Apple wants to make easy for me? So why oh why can't the webkit JavaScript engine on the iPad work with drupal's visual editor. Also I cannot properly drag and drop things. I thought this thing was supposed ti speak html5. Isn't drag and drop on the list of features to support? I'm not jumping in my car to drive back to the Apple store for a refund but I am spending a lot of time visiting jail-breaking sites.

I hooked up my bt keyboard and now I've got arrow keys. I still don't have full Drupal visual editing support but at least I'm not trying to get the Ipad to tell the difference between a scroll and a select! So does this mean I gotta pack my bt keyboard any time I want to use the iPad for "real work". For now I think it does. I wonder if Apple will see their way clear to allow a different browser on this thing.

Update: After all this talk about the iPad, I bet you're wondering "Will it Blend?"...