A Tasty Combination

I love peanut butter. Usually I buy Jif Natural with the brown lid and I often snack on it on whole wheat Ritz crackers.  I sometimes wonder "What could be better?"  Now I know...

The other day a friend gave me some of Trader Joes' Peanut Butter with flax and chia seeds before we went for a run. Yum! I bought some right away. I already had some Vaccaville Farms dried apples (from Costco) and I wondered how these two would go together.  It's too good to be true! 

You have the creaminess of the peanut butter, with a little crunch and the flax and chia seeds give it an excellent flavor. No jelly required!  Then you spread it on one of these dried apple slices and you are transported directly to heaven.  It's a little messy but worth it.  When I spilled some of the Trader Joe's peanut butter, the dogs happily lapped it up.  I've been breaking off tiny bits of apple and giving it to them. Now if I dip it in the peanut butter they love it even more.  Too bad the cat is so picky or he could come with us to food heaven.  Go out and buy this and try it now.  As the Martian Marathon slogan says, "Obey me!"