More Snow

Well we've gotten within 3 inches of the most snow in (recorded) history for Detroit.  I'm sick of it. I'm sick of looking at it. I'm slick of falling on ice when I try to walk the dogs. I'm tired of not being able to open my car door in my driveway next to the 2 foot snow drift that was once my lawn.  

My neice doesn't even call and ask me to take her to the snow hill any more.  Even she's sick of it.  

A couple of guys at the office are saying they think we should go for it!  We should get one or two more little snowfalls so we can at least get credit for all we've endured this winter.  I say that after all this it really doesn't matter.  Two days before thanksgiving I picked up a bag of bulbs to plant for spring.  I knew that it was cold but I expected a thaw in early December that would allow me to plant them anyway.  Then January.  Then February.  It's time for the freakin' thaw already!