iOS 6 After One Day of Use

Getting Started

I couldn't upgrade right away on the first day. It seems I walk around with 5GB of photos on my phone and while Photostream gets most of them off, I rarely find the time to connect the USB cable and use Image Capture to get the movies off onto my Mac.  For this reason, I had to wait until I got home from work to upgade. 
Once I had enough free space on my device I allowed the upgrade to run. It ran smoothly enough once the download was completed. I had been asked to free up 2.5 GB of space but the download dialog said it was about half a gig so I guess it needs space on the phone to "move stuff around" during the upgrade.  After the upgrade, I lost about 100 MB of free space.
Once I had access to shared photostreams, I regretted taking absolutely all my photos off my phone's camera roll.  Then I rememebered many of them were still there in Photostream.  Sure enough, I could pick the photos in photostream and "share" them without having to copy them to my camera roll first.  I created a couple of shared photostreams within minutes.  Easy. Very easy.  
I'm very happy with the performance of iOS6 on my relatively old iPhone 4.  It is responsive and even the camera app works better. No more launching the camera only to find the phone is so busy doing something else it doesn't respond to shutter clicks while the vehicle that flipped over is still in the air (hypothetical example of course). Ironically, having access to a more responsive OS slightly reduces my incentive to move to iPhone 5.  Only slightly.  I'd still like to have the better optics and better low light performance.
For me, three new features of iOS6 are a very big deal... 
One is shared photostreams.
I have become the unofficial family photographer.  I often get requests to put photos on the web the day after and sometimes even the day of an event. With shared photostreams, I can now do it right from my phone.  Nevermind the fact my desktop can't run Mountain Lion because I don't need my desktop for this particular feature.  I simply pick a bunch of photos, pick "share", create a new public shared photostream, mail the link to myself and it's done!  Well almost done.  I then receive the email with the link to the shared photostream, I have to forward the link to family members who are asking for the photos.
The second is the way software updates work
No longer do I have to enter my itunes password 3 to 7 times a day whenever software update pops up.  I might have to enter it when I buy something but never for a simple update.  I hate passwords and the less often I have to think about them the better.
The third is do not disturb.
I had something like this years ago. Perhaps it was on a Blackberry. The settings are not that intuitive. You have to turn on do not disturb, then go to "notifications" immediately below it on the list to actually set it up.  I have mine set to never buzz at night unless it's my wife or one of the kids calling.  Very very nice.
There is at least one feature I can't try right now...
Facebook Integration
Within minutes of posting a shared photostream of my aunt's birthday party, I got a request to post the same thing to facebook.  I thought "Are you kidding?" But I went ahead and tried.  I went in to the system preferences on my phone and logged in to Facebook.  It was then I was informed all my facebook friends' contact information would be "merged" with my address book, which is already bursting at the seams with 2300+ entries!  The same would happen to my calendar which is already full of school, church, scouts and other meetings.  No thank you. The dialog box had a disclaimer that it was easy to turn this feature off but I looked and looked and couldn't find it.  Double no thank you.
I aborted logging in to Facebook and I won't bother with this until I find out how to turn off the pollution of my address book with the contact data of all the friends and acquaintances I have on Facebook.  I do plan on figuring out how to prevent the cross copying of contact records so I can give Facebook integration a try.  Just not today.  One thing I found is it looked like it was easy to post photos to my feed, but not so easy to post them to a specific page other than my own feed, despite the fact I can (somewhat) easily post to that page from a computer.
iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 Specific Features
Since I have a crusty old iPhone 4, I can't play with Siri, 3d maps or much of the other hardware specific goodies that iOS 6 brings.  I'm tempted to get an iPhone 5 with 32 GB of memory so I can carry around more stuff before running out of room.  I also want the more responsive camera.  
The image to the right is from techcrunch and details which features are available on which devices. Alas my iPad 1 doesn't even get to come to the party.
Another wrinkle is that if you've skipped the OS 5.1.1 upgrade, you'll have to let that one run first before you can get iOS 6.  I found this out on my wife's iPad 2 and iPhone 4.  This meant it took over an hour to update each of her two devices.
From the techcrunch chart, it looks like my kids' 3GS phones have been officially voted off the island like my iPad 1. But I seem to recall they can still get iOS 6 and at least benefit from not having to sign in for free apps or updates.  I'll have to give it a try, perhaps over the weekend.  I hope it's easy enough to "roll back" if iOS 6 is too laggy on their older phones.