Police Wardriving Down Under

I ran across an article today that the police in Queensland Australia are going "wardriving" to find homes with unsecured wifi so they can issue a "warning" to help people avoid identity theft.  Talk about public service!  I wish the cops around here would do this. I find open wifi every day when I check my email sitting at a stop light, my iPhone 4 asks me if I want to join some wifi that reaches the intersection, presumably from somebody's house or appartment nearby.

I got pulled over the other day for going the customary speed which is 15 over the posted speed but alas I wasn't in the middle of a pack of cars so I had to pay.  I guess this wifi thing is the equivalent of cops walking up and trying the lock on your shed and giving you a warning if you left the thing unlocked but I'd rather have cops wardriving to help people understand how to set up their home wifi  than doing sneaky speed traps.