It’s all about relationships. First with God. Then with self. Then family, both natural and extended through work, school, church, neighborhood and world. My old approach to the web was editing httpd.conf and I was always missing out on spending time playing with my kids.


No more shell scripts designed to send email to pager.somethingorother.com to wake me up if things went south. I’ve seen the light. I’m gonna let dot mac do the server uptime thing and focus on saying what I’d like to say rather than worring about whether this instance of apache speaks which version of perl. I love snow. In its place. That must be why so many of our pictures are of snow. Snow on the road, snow in the yard, snow on trees. I grew up with snow but there seemed to be a warming and the snow was sparce. Then the winter of 2007-2008 happened. No 3 foot dumps. Just a constant blanket of 2 to 5 inches of snow almost all winter long. Thank God! I’d had enough of those brownish grey dark lightless winters. The kids love it and have dragged me skiing several times. We ended up at Alpine Valley several times and Boyne Mountain once. We almost made it to Caberfae but our schedules wouldn’t allow us to get away that long. It’s been a while since I’ve kept up any blogging. There was the original jeffkendall.org rocketlandmod.com and r0k.org. I plan to merge all those here on .mac and it should be a lot easier to keep them up. I realized as I approached 5,000 posts as r0k over at Brighthand, that I had the energy and the time to start writing again. Don’t forget the motherload of photos here. So here I go... So there I went. I used Iweb to whip up some quick pages and they sat for two long years. I needed a new approach. Now that I've moved to a CMS, I'll finally work on merging my sites into one. Iweb was nice looking but in reality, it was not much better than frontpage.


FF Lives!

Hey Jeff-

Axeman in Austin TX here... long time eh?
I just wanted to thank you for keeping the server alive all these years.
Got EZQuake working on a new box recently, and have been on the server with Shrapnel having a GREAT TIME. We ran into Marv Albert there last night. Wow- the memories. We are attempting to arrange a "Sunday Night Fragfest" with as many of the old crew as we can find. I think we can have contact info for Woody and few other folks...

Anyway, hope you and yours are well, and hope to see you on the server!

Thanks again,



PS Did the HL port ever get completed?