• Baptism of Jesus (Openness to the Holy Spirit)

Jesus went to see his cousin, John the Baptist and asked to be baptized. When Jesus came back up out of the water, God the Father could be heard saying "This is my son in whom I am well pleased." The Holy Spirit was seen in the form of a dove. God in three persons appeared together in one place that day.

  • Wedding at Cana (To Jesus Through Mary)

Mary came to Jesus to tell him they had run out of wine at a wedding feast. Jesus' initial reaction was to ignore it and say "Woman, what concern is this of mine?" Rather than answer him, she said to them "Do whatever he tells you." She is saying this to us today.

  • Proclamation of the Kingdom (Repentance)

In this mystery,  Jesus teaches what the kingdom of heaven is all about whenever he speaks. In one example, at the sermon on the mount, Jesus says, "Blessed are the peacemakers..." and he goes on to explain the priorities in God's Kingdom. In another example, Jesus speaks of seed sown on rocky soil and fertile soil, and in another he says God makes it rain on the just and the unjust showing God's generosity in spreading His kingdom everywhere.

  • Transfiguration (Desire for Holiness)

Three Apostles were given a rare glimpse into the reality of the world to come when the went with Jesus to a high mountain. They saw Moses and Elijah with Jesus. They were so dumbfounded they didn't quite know what to say or do. Often when we encounter the reality of God, it is like the transfiguration. We are so dumbfounded we do not quite know what to say or do.

  • Institution of the Eucharist (Awe in God's Presence, Eucharistic Adoration)

 Jesus wanted to leave us with something to nourish us. Something that would last forever. Something that would not run out like Manna and would not merely nourish our bodies but our souls. He left us himself in the appearance of bread and wine.