How Slavery Really Ended in America: An Interesting NY Times Article

This weekend when I joined my fellow 40 days for life members in prayer, after prayer we had a brief discussion and the topic of emancipation came up. I remember hearing how ambivolent Lincoln was about emancipation but I found an article today that sheds a lot of light on the politics of the time.  General Butler made a snap decision that the article argues ulitmately led to emancipation, despite Lincoln's desire to sidestep the issue.  Read more at


Another interesting thing mentioned in the aricle was the almost universal fear that freed slaves would rise up and take vengeance.  I think this irrational fear is the undertow of today's racism.  Objectively we can see the effects of slavery, jim crow and modern inequality all around us but it is this irrational fear of vengeance that helps drive modern day segregation.