Ipad 2 - First Thoughts

Ipad 2 was announced the other day and while it has me interested, I think I'll only be buying 2.  I'll be picking up one for each kid but I will be holding on to my "old" one.  I have an iPhone 4 so I already have the cameras. I don't need iMovie or Garage Band so I think I'll do just fine keeping my iPad.  If money were no object, I'd be picking up one for myself but as it is, I think I can use the one I have and get new ones for the kids who have been doing without one long enough.

There has been some press saying Apple found a way to sell us something we do not need.  I must agree to an extent, but I think it is more accurate to say the entire computer industry has been getting away with selling stuff we do not need for years now and Apple has finally come along with an appropriate form factor for a home computer.


Things I like:

The new "cover".  I have Apple's case on my iPad 1 and I trust Apple to come up with a decent cover for iPad 2.  I also like the fact it powers on when you open it.  

Cameras.  This is the one reason I'm tempted to get one for myself.  I would really like facetime from an iPad better than facetime from my iPhone.

Speed.  Faster is always better.  I'm not unhappy with the speed of my iPad but I'd appreciate a faster one nonetheless.

Form Factor. I like the thinner lighter iPad even better than I like my iPad 1.  Well done, Apple.  Well done.

Four Hundred Bucks. I like that people are able to get the older iPad (which is still a great device) for only $400.  Competitors that were aiming at iPad 1 with a $500 price point have just had a $100 ambush. Nice play, Apple.  Nice Play.  ** (And no, I don't feel "ripped off" that I got to enjoy an iPad for almost a whole year instead of suffering for a netbook for a whole another year in order to wait for iPad 2.  Sheesh.)


Things I wish Apple would change:

The iPad is an awesome device and it's hard to find fault with it, but there are still a handful of things that could be improved...

Filesystem.  It's time we stopped dealing with iPod Touch-like limitations that the only files we can store centrally are photos.  I should be able to store any file I want, whether it's a word document, pdf, zip file or a disk image on my iPad and I should be able to "see" those files from any app on my iPad.

Storage.  I do think it's time for an iPad to be available with more storage.  I'm getting by with 16 gig but I have very little music, and no movies at all.  I wouldn't mind taking movies along on my iPad if it had more storage and I think it's time for the 64 gig limit to be shattered even if it means offering a model that allows us to pop in our own micro SD card expansion (for a premium of course).

Screen Resolution. This is something I'm quite happy with today, and I like the 1080p HDMI mirroring capability, but wouldn't it be nice to have a 1080p native resolution on the iPad? I imagine this will come along in a "midrange" iPad device at a later date.


If I do get one, even if it's for the kids, I'll play with it enough to do another review and post it here.