Goodbye Blackberry Hello iPhone

It was only a matter of time.  I walked around with a BB 8830 and an iPod Touch for the better part of a year.  At first, I let the BB keep up with addresses and calendar and even apps.  As I discovered the quality and diversity of iPhone apps and the limitations of the memory footprint of the BB 8830 and the inability of BB OS to run anything from Micro SD card, I gradually began to treat the BB as if it were a dumb phone.  When I got my iPad, I appreciated iPhone apps even more. 


Then iPhone 4 came out and I realized just how far behind the tech curve I had fallen.  I couldn't take pictures with the BB (no camera) or receive MMS messages (I had to use a gimpy VZWpix web site which was summarily deleted without warning for lack of use every 180 days).  Calendar entries were associated with an email address and I had to choose one each and every time I created an entry.  And guess what?  Pick the wrong one and Missing Sync wouldn't push the info to my iPod Touch or the rest of my Apple gear.   



A few weeks back, I published a brief article where I speculated about my next phone and the choice I had to make between Verizon/Android and At&t/iOS.   This past weekend, I dropped my son off at the dorm and snapped a half dozen pics to show my wife using my work-issued Samsung dumb phone.  I got home to find all the pics were missing.  I was seething.  Why was I still walking around with a personal phone that didn't have a camera and relying on a work phone that didn't even work properly?  The other day, I did a sync of my BB phone book to my Mac and wound up with 300 new entries!  Luckily, Apple offers a "find duplicates" feature so I was able to prune the data somewhat but I grew tired of syncs that stink. Yesterday I got a chat message reminding me about a meeting I thought was in my calendar. Oh no.  It was bitten by BB "every calendar entry must be associated with an email" disease.  I resolved to swing by the Apple store on the way home to rid myself of my BB albatross and I made a note of my VZW account number to speed the transfer.  


Well that's all behind me now.  I'm an At&t customer and so far I love having only one device to keep up with.  I'd reach in my pocket for my phone and come out with a receipt or business card.  Having two devices was getting pretty old.  The transfer took only 15 minutes in the Apple store.  I had to show my driver's license and provide a few numbers and the phone was active while I stood and watched.  I called Verizon to change rate plan now that one line is missing and they were very helpful.  I do wish VZW had the iPhone and tiered data pricing and I might not have had to switch.  I already had my entire calendar and contacts on my iPhone before leaving the Apple store.  All wirelessly via Mobile Me.  Clearly the most painless phone switch I have ever experienced.


I might post an iPhone 4 review and then again I might not.  iPhone reviews are a dime a dozen by now.  And besides, just as the iPad is a "giant iPod Touch" an iPhone is an "iPod Touch with a phone".  I redownloaded all my favorite apps and I'm impressed with the faster cpu.  Aircoaster xl doesn't drop frames any more, even on some of my more intricate track designs.


I was able to use the "death grip" to block receiving an SMS message so I decided to go for the free case program.  It's supposed to arrive Sept 29th.  Meanwhile I'll walk around with the slippery iPhone 4 in my pocket "naked." I put a .5cm x 1cm piece of clear scotch tape over the "death grip" spot and I just tested it.  It works fine.  I'll peel and toss the tape when my case comes in the mail.