My next phone?

I'm a frequent poster over at Brighthand and Macrumors (r0k).  In recent months, I've been trying to decide what phone will replace my aging BB 8830.  Will it be an iPhone 4?  Will it be some Android phone?  I stumbled across an ars article that says the future doesn't bode very well for Apple's iOS market share relative to Android if they don't get iPhone out from under At&t.

I must admit that if an iPhone were available on Verizon, I'd be done thinking and already have one by now... 

Have a suggestion?  Fire away in the comments...




A new Droid coming soon on a private network with video chat

This phone will run on a network designed by Cisco and Sprint with a private label that will incorporate videophone technology for residential phone service also able to communicate face to face with the hand held mobile phone. Dates will be announced in early December in San Diego, CA

-Jeff Kendall, Boston, MA