Jeff's Cable Cutting Guide - Part 3

We've been living without Comcast for several months now. All is fine except there are times when signals fade in and out. My wife likes Murdock which only comes on CBET at times in the day when the signal is intermittent.  The last time we set a schedule to record it using Elegato EyeTV, we got 12 minutes of an hour program.  I've been happy with my Mohu Sky antenna... but... it needs to be above the tree line.

I've been planning to move it since Thanksgiving but this bitter cold snowy winter and consistently getting home after dark has prevented me from getting up on the extension ladder to move it to the roof line... Until yesterday.  I arrived home about an hour before it would get dark and immediatly swung into action. I moved my the car out of the way so I could get the ladder down and move it to the back of the house to install the bracket for the antenna near the gutter on the upper south east corner of the house.  I pulled out the step-ladder and took the antenna bracket down so I could move it up.  After 45 minutes, I had the antenna loose in my hand, with its 30 feet of RG6 cable and I was ready to make the climb.  It takes a lot of positioning to stop an aluminum extension ladder from moving around on snow while it's snowing but I got it done.  I had a couple of more ladder-positioning exercises to get tie wraps in place to secure the cable to the house properly and I went inside to witness the results.  We pick up every channel strong and clear now. No more degradation at certain times of the day.  

Above is the "after" picture. Weaker stations have moved up 1 to 3 db. Below is the "before" picture.

The next time I schedule Murdock for recording, hopefully it will all make it onto the hard drive.  Our ChannelMaster DVR+ arrives Tuesday so look for another installment in a few days once I get it hooked up and working. reports most of my signals are 1 to 3db higher and this was enough to move CICO (42.1) from undetectable to viewable. The only signal that dropped was 39 (38.1) and I might be able to get it back with a little antenna aiming when the weather clears up a bit.