This is a stub for me to bring over links to my digital photos. This will get pretty big. For now, I think I'll simply link the stuff I've got up on MoMe and Flickr until I can decide how I want everything to be organized....

Chris Pics

Here are pics of our son Chris...







Electronics Merit Badge Troop 194

We met at U of D Mercy Electrical Engineering lab to complete assembly of our circuits during November 2009

Here is the teaching portion of the lab...



More Soldering...

Here the scouts are with their completed circuits...

Flickr Pics

Here are my photosets on Flickr...

Jeff and Michele

jeff and michele 2003jeff and michele 2003

Jeff Michele Chris and LizJeff Michele Chris and Liz

Jeff Michele Chris Liz and Grandmas 1998Jeff Michele Chris Liz and Grandmas 1998

Jeff Michele Chris and Liz 1999Jeff Michele Chris and Liz 1999

Liz Pics

Here are pics of our daughter Liz...




Liz foul lineLiz foul line

Liz in the play "Cinderella" (50 Mb)

liz metro parentliz metro parent liz2009liz2009 liz2005liz2005 liz2000liz2000

U of D Fine Arts Festival 2009

Liz performed at the U of D Jesuit Fine Arts Festival this afternoon. I taped a few of the groups that were on before the Show Choir and I taped every Show Choir number. It will take a while to get this all uploaded but I started with the Jazz Combo

Here is the Jazz Combo

I still need to upload video of the Symphonic Band and several of the Show Choir...

show choirshow choir

Here is a video of the show choir...

There were also sculptures and paintings on display. I found this one to be particularly interesting...

ceramic xbox 360ceramic xbox 360