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Protestors Call For Hong Kong Leader To Step Down

5 hours 46 min ago

NPR's Michel Martin speaks with Galileo Cheng, social affairs executive for the Hong Kong Catholic Institution Staff Association, who has been at the protests in Hong Kong all day.

Sports Analyst: NBA Reliance On Analytics Hurts Diversity Hiring

5 hours 47 min ago

NPR's Michel Martin speaks with ESPN analyst Jalen Rose about why he thinks advanced analytics is hindering diversity hiring in the NBA.

Dorothy Counts-Scoggins Honored At High School She Integrated In 1957

5 hours 47 min ago

In 1957, Dorothy Counts-Scoggins integrated her school in Charlotte, N.C. Now students at her old campus unveiled a plaque to honor her.

Father's Day Movie Picks

5 hours 47 min ago

NPR's Michel Martin speaks with journalist and critic Jimi Izrael about the best movies to watch on Father's Day.

House Panel To Consider Slavery Reparations Proposals

5 hours 47 min ago

A House Judiciary subcommittee will hold a hearing this week focused on reparations for slavery. NPR's Michel Martin talks about it with Sheila Jackson Lee, a Democratic Congresswoman from Texas.

After Leader Shelves Extradition Bill, Protesters Return Angrier To Streets

5 hours 47 min ago

The Hong Kong government's decision to shelve a controversial extradition bill didn't work to stop protesters. Many took to the streets for the second Sunday in a row.

A Muslim In Rural, White Minnesota On How To 'Love Thy Neighbor'

5 hours 47 min ago

After Donald Trump's election, Dr. Ayaz Virji started giving talks to mostly white, Christian audiences in rural Minnesota to try to dispel misconceptions about Muslims. He faced a lot of backlash.

(Image credit: Courtesy of Penguin Random House)

The Score Of 'The Last Black Man In San Francisco' Sounds Like No Other In 2019

5 hours 48 min ago

The Last Black Man in San Francisco is a whimsical elegy to a fading San Francisco. It features a score by Emile Mosseri that's exuberant and poetic, positioning music front and center in the film.

(Image credit: Ghazal Sheei/Courtesy of the artist)

Pregnant, Locked Up, And Alone

17 hours 50 min ago

Natalie Lynch spent the last two weeks of her pregnancy in a prison cell, mostly alone. As female incarceration rates rise, some states are banning solitary confinement of pregnant women.

(Image credit: Sarah McCammon/NPR)

Barbershop: How Black Votes Frame The Abortion Issue

Sat, 2019-06-15 17:07

Some 2020 Democratic hopefuls are in South Carolina this weekend for Black Economic Alliance's Presidential Candidates Forum. NPR's Michel Martin talks to professors Andra Gillespie Eddie Glaude, Jr.

The Ethical Question Of Running Up The Score

Sat, 2019-06-15 17:07

The U.S. Women's soccer team beat Thailand 13-0 on Tuesday, sparking an ethics debate over running up the score against a weaker opponent. NPR's Michel Martin talks to sports ethicist Shawn Klein.

Dean Obeidallah Wins $4.1M In Defamation Suit Against Neo-Nazi Site

Sat, 2019-06-15 17:07

A judged ruled on Wednesday that Andrew Anglin, founder of the neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer, must pay the comedian-commentator millions in damages for falsely portraying him as a terrorist.

(Image credit: Larry French/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

San Francisco DA Looks To AI To Remove Potential Prosecution Bias

Sat, 2019-06-15 17:07

NPR's Michel Martin speaks with San Francisco district attorney George Gascon about his plan to use artificial intelligence to combat racial bias in criminal sentencing.

U.S. On Misguided 'Propaganda Campaign' Against Iran, Scholar Says

Sat, 2019-06-15 17:07

NPR's Michel Martin speaks with Gary Sick, a senior research scholar at Columbia University's Middle East Institute, about the escalating conflict with Iran.

Following Mass Protests, Hong Kong Suspends Extradition Bill

Sat, 2019-06-15 17:07

The government of Hong Kong has suspended its effort to pass a bill allowing criminal suspects to be extradited to mainland China.

Mindy Kaling And Emma Thompson Shatter The 'Late Night' Glass Ceiling

Sat, 2019-06-15 17:07

Thompson plays a successful TV host who pulled the ladder up behind her in the movie Late Night. Kaling says a female late night host is "science fiction," but this was the role she wanted to write.

(Image credit: Matt Dunham/AP)

What The U.S. Military Knows About The Attacks On Oil Tankers In The Gulf Of Oman

Fri, 2019-06-14 17:58

Before the two tankers were attacked Thursday there were four other ships attacked in the last month around the Persian Gulf. The U.S. Navy watches the sea lanes there closely.

Trump Administration Seeks To Phase Out Main Program For Palestinian Refugees

Fri, 2019-06-14 17:55

The Trump administration is seeking to phase out the main program for Palestinian refugees. But other countries are seeking to make up the money the U.S. has pulled with a conference.

Mexico Calls Out Carolina Herrera For Appropriating Indigenous Groups' Patterns

Fri, 2019-06-14 17:49

Mexico's Minister of Culture called out fashion brand Carolina Herrera for appropriating embroidery techniques and patterns specific to Mexican indigenous communities.

Archivists Say Voice Discovered In Mexico's National Library May Be Frida Kahlo's

Fri, 2019-06-14 17:49

A recording of what is thought to be the voice of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo has was made public this week. Archivists who are digitizing and preserving a collection discovered it.